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Cloning Enjoy By IPA and Stone’s House Yeast


Alright, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and start talking about Stone’s special release IPAs. First of all, for those that haven’t had Enjoy By IPA, do whatever you must to try this; it is incredible. Go, drive, run, to the nearest store and buy a bottle if it’s available in your city. I’m not a BJCP certified judge, but this beer would get 48-49/50 if I were to sit down with a scoresheet. I think my single improvement would be 5-10 more IBUs, but it’s quite literally a perfect DIPA. No seriously, Perfect.


So that leads us to the next point. I want, need, absolutely must clone this beer. The recipe doesn’t look to hard to put together since Stone was fairly generous there, but we need to talk about yeast.


The general consensus (myself included) has been that Stone uses WLP007 – Dry English Ale yeast. It’s a great, fairly clean, quick fermenting, highly flocculate yeast, that’s an absolute workhorse. It’s rather versatile, and it’s fantastic in hoppy beers. I tried to clone Stone’s 10th Anniversary Ruination, and while I got very close, my beer under-attenuated. I’m not blaming that on the yeast strain, nor am I saying that the yeast character didn’t match the real beer. But I’m starting to see enough conflicting evidence on the web that Stone doesn’t use WLP007.


The most damning bit is straight from Stone. I can’t imagine that White Labs is banking WLP007 twice, under two different codes, so I’m just about certain 007 isn’t the yeast. If Stone got their house yeast from another brewery in Oregon, I should be able to narrow it down by looking for ones that were around before Stone. Bridgeport, Full Sail, Deschutes, Widmer, and Rogue are the breweries that were popular around the mid-nineties when Stone was starting. Widmer is the first I can scratch off the list, as a quick google search shows their yeast originated in Bavaria. Deschutes house yeast is well speculated, but most seem to think it’s Fuller’s(WLP002) or Ringwood. Both are big diacytl producers, and I just can’t see either as the one that Stone uses. The three that seem likely are Bridgeport, Full Sail, and Rogue.


All three breweries use proprietary yeasts, and all three were around when Stone started. I’m leaning against Bridgeport simply because their yeast comes across as too English to me. So that leaves Full Sail and Rogue, and we all know that Rogue uses Pacman yeast. The next big clue is that Mitch Steele has said that their yeast pretty much stops once they drop the temp under 70*. Now that probably translates to 66* at the homebrew level, but still, Pacman is well known for fermenting at 58-60F. Let’s cross that one off the list as well.


So we’re left with Full Sail, or some brewery I’ve never heard of. Full Sail doesn’t bottle condition their beers, so we’re SOL anyway. For what it’s worth, WLP007 does seem to closely replicate the stone character, so I’ll stick with that. It’s not the exact yeast they use, but I suppose it’ll do.


Anyway, back to the potential recipe. The malt character of Enjoy By seems very similar to Stone’s 16th anniversary DIPA. I don’t get the spiciness from the rye that the 16th had, but it’s similar in a malt sense. That beer used Vienna, Light Munich, and Dark Munich. I’m going to assume this grist is similar. Although I haven’t read Mitch Steele’s new book, I know he has been really advocating against crystal malts in IPAs lately, which slightly affirms my thoughts on the grist. I normally don’t forecast what I brew before I brew it, but there’s a lot that’s up in the air with this recipe. I’d love some feedback and discussion about this one, so please comment if you have any thoughts. I did email Stone (reply pending) to get an idea of the hopping rates in the late kettle and whirlpool. I’m assuming roughly 1-1.5lb/bbl in the late kettle, and again in the whirlpool. I also asked if they’ll confirm my grist assumptions; we’ll see.

6 Gallons
Target OG: 1.081
Target FG: 1.010
ABV: 9.4%
IBU: 90

17lbs 2-row
1lb Munich 20L
1lb Vienna
8oz Munich 10L
Mash at 146-148* for 90min

Stone gives the exact hops they use. I’m substituting a few based on what I have, what I want to use up, and what I feel won’t make a difference. You’ll see the real hop Stone uses in parenthesis.

2oz Belma (Calypso) – Mash Hopped
10ml Hop Extract @ 90min
1oz ea. Simcoe, Belma (Delta), Northern Brewer(Target), Amarillo @ 15
1oz ea. Citra, Cascade, Centennial (Motueka) @ Flameout
Whirlpool for 15-20min
WLP007 – Dry English Ale Yeast
Dry Hop 1: 1.5oz ea Nelson Sauvin & Galaxy
Dry Hop 2: 1.5oz ea Nelson Sauvin & Galaxy

I’ve got a couple beers on deck before I’ll get a chance to brew this. If anyone has taken a stab at it, or has any feedback, let me know. I think the two big unknowns are if the late-kettle and whirlpool additions are all equal blends, and how big those additions are. The nose of this beer is all Nelson and Galaxy, which makes me fairly confident though. The other big challenge is simply brewing a double IPA this fantastic. The hop aroma jumps from the glass, and it smells like you’re sticking your head in a bale of hops — not easy to replicate.


Mitch Steele actually replied to the email I sent. I really appreciate when companies take the time to answer questions. Anyway, he said the malt bill is just straight pale malt. He said feel free to try some English Pale Malt. I don’t know if that means 100% English pale malt, or not. He also said to use some clear candi sugar or dextrose. Finally he confirmed the late kettle additions are a little over 1lb/bbl each, so my guess of 4oz per addition was right on target.


I ran some numbers, and I think ~ 65% English Pale (3.5L) and 30% American (5% dextrose) will get the SRM I’m looking for. It’s quite possible that they are using 100% English pale, but I’ll start with this grist, and go from there.


This beer is third in line, so I should be brewing it around late March.

57 thoughts on “Cloning Enjoy By IPA and Stone’s House Yeast”
  1. Brett 01.19.2013 on 4:32 AM Reply

    I am almost finished reading the IPA book and it is really great! I jumped forward to scan the recipe sections, specifically Stone beers, which include: Stone IPA, Stone Ruination, 14th Anniversary Emperial, 10th Anniversary and 11th Anniversary/Sublimely Self Righteous. Unfortunately for fermentation they all state "Use the Stone Brewing Co. House strain (or WLP007 and WLP002 yeasts are acceptable alternatives)" – convenient, huh? But given the wording "WLP007 AND WLP002" rather that using 'OR' suggest maybe a blend would produce a closer character? Deschuttes and Firestone Walker recommend WLP002 for their beers so maybe thats and idea? Use it how you will 🙂 – Looking forward to the results

  2. Brett 01.19.2013 on 5:13 AM Reply

    Glad you could finally get your hands on some! One of my favorite beers ever.

    I haven't even noticed the malt character the few times i've had it, was too busy smelling the damn thing. I swear if they made Enjoy By car fresheners I'd put them everywhere. Recipe looks solid, I threw one together with a really similar hopping schedule, but just decided to do 2 row with a little bit of crystal 15. Excited to see how this one turns out for you!

  3. Adam H 01.19.2013 on 10:33 PM Reply

    What about the White Labs San Diego Super Strain?

    actually I just read on there it says its not from one of their San Diego clients.

  4. Scott 01.20.2013 on 12:53 AM Reply

    Great yeast, but it's not Stone's. It's too clean; definitely derived from Cali-Ale yeast or something similar. Stone's seems too English.

    I'm actually getting ready to brew a run of beers with that yeast though. Its great.

  5. Joseph Smith 01.20.2013 on 4:28 AM Reply

    There is a BYO article from a couple of years ago that lists Stone approved clone recipes and say to use 002. Also in the article Steele says WLP005 is very close as well. I'll see if I can find the link.

  6. Scott 01.20.2013 on 5:26 PM Reply

    Ya, 002's character isn't too far off, but it doesn't attenuate we'll enough. 005 seems just too fruity to me. You know Ringwood when you taste it, and I don't get that character from Stone's beers.

    BTW, I had like 4 pints of Enjoy By at the bar last night. Aside from the slight hangover, that stuff is soooo good.

  7. Joseph Smith 01.20.2013 on 6:07 PM Reply

    I agree on the ringwood! I havent used 005 and don't think I will. I chose WLP023 for my "house" Yeast and plan on farming it here soon.

    You sound like my brother, Enjoy by is his fav and I have to send him 6 bottles every time it comes out!

  8. Joseph Smith 01.20.2013 on 6:09 PM Reply

    found it! it's from 2008. Its a good read and I plan on trying the brussel sprouts recipe thats in it!

  9. Luke Hagenbach 01.22.2013 on 2:58 AM Reply

    Yesterday, I brewed up a much smaller beer with almost the exact same malts as your proposed recipe, and exclusively Southern Hemisphere hops. If I remember, I'll report back on how it turns out.
    It was 2-row, Vienna, carapils, Munich 20, Munich 10 and acid malt. Hops were Topaz and Galaxy. About 18.5 oz in 12 gallons, which is low for me on hoppy beers, but this thing only clocks in at 1.055 OG. There's always a chance that I'll double dry-hop.

  10. Douglas 01.22.2013 on 3:04 AM Reply

    BSI – 2

  11. Scott 01.22.2013 on 4:41 AM Reply

    That sounds like WLP002, no? I'm pretty sure Stone doesn't use the Fuller's strain. I could be wrong though…

  12. Scott 01.22.2013 on 4:44 AM Reply

    Nice! I'd love to know how it turns out.

  13. bagendbrewery 01.23.2013 on 3:27 PM Reply

    I'm not saying WLP002 is the yeast Stone uses or anything – I really have no idea besides what I've heard on CYBI (where Jamil has said WLP007 is close and you can also use WLP002), but you got from 1.083 to 1.011 on your DJ clone with WLP002 – why doubt it here?!? The grist for both is pretty fermentable after all.

    I'm admittedly biased though – I love the Fullers yeast, I'll use it in everything I can possibly justify using it in.

  14. Scott 01.23.2013 on 4:08 PM Reply

    That is true. Plus, from the DJ clone, I have a mash schedule that I'm confident will attenuate enough.

    I've got a little time to think about it. I'm starting a little run of beers with WLP090, so I've got 2-3 batches before I need to figure it out. I'm going to brew a 3.2-3.5% American Pale ale with whichever yeast I want to use for the Enjoy By (007 or 002), so I'll need to decide by then.

  15. Aron 01.23.2013 on 9:43 PM Reply

    Following this with interest. Btw Scott do you think youd Want to try and clone heady topper from alchemist? Alot of buzz about that beer.

  16. Scott 01.24.2013 on 12:33 AM Reply

    I've thought about it, but it sounds like you really need the exact yeast strain to pull it off. Vermont is a long ways from here, so it's not easy for me to get my hands on. Beyond that, the boys over at HBT are already doing a great job.

    That one is going to be a tough nut to crack without John's help with what some of the hop varieties are though.

    PS, my hunch is the malt bill is 100% base malt (Pearl), with nothing more than kettle carmelization color.

  17. Aron 01.24.2013 on 11:33 AM Reply

    Alright. Another thing though that you might find interesting. A few years ago here in sweden a beer called the dragons dipa won the swedish homebrew championship. It's a really great dipa. Is something like that something that you would be interested in brewing? I have brewed it myself and its awesome. gonna brew it again sometime this year.

  18. Scott 01.24.2013 on 10:18 PM Reply

    I'd love to see the recipe

  19. Aron 01.25.2013 on 9:16 AM Reply

    Alright, I'll Try my best to type it out here.
    This is for a 15L batch
    OG: 1.080
    FG: 1.014
    ABV: 8.5%

    62% Pilsner malt 3.5KG
    38% Munich I 2.1KG

    25g Chinook @ 60min ~ 38 IBU
    25g Centennial @ 50min ~ 34 IBU
    20g Chinook @ 40min ~ 27 IBU
    15g Centennial @ 30min ~ 16 IBU
    10g Nugget @ 30min ~ 13 IBU
    15g Chinook @ 20min ~ 14 IBU
    10g Nugget @ 20min ~ 8 IBU
    15g Centennial @ 10min ~ 8 IBU
    10g Nugget @ 10min ~ 6 IBU
    15g Chinook @ 1min ~ 1 IBU
    15g Centennial @ 1min ~ 1 IBU

    Dryhop with 30g each of Nugget, Nelson Sauvin & Simcoe

    And as for yeast just your standard WLP001 or similar.

    Calculated IBU should be at 165-170 IBU.
    I would love to see you brew something like this. Even here in sweden it has only been released once and thats only because they won the competition. But it's still one of the all time most popular swedish beers.

  20. Aron 01.27.2013 on 8:31 AM Reply

    What do you think? =)

  21. kengetty 01.31.2013 on 8:02 PM Reply

    Your enthusiasm for this beer caused me to Beer Trade for it and it arrived today. Looking forward to enjoying both over the next two weeks!

    But on a serious note last night I looked at a Stone Collaboration I have been cellering and I noted some yeast in the bottle. It's the Texas Brown Ale ( and from what I read seems like it would have used the Stone House Yeast.

    I have never attempted to propagate yeast from a single bottle, but willing to give it a shot.

  22. JupiterJesus 03.02.2013 on 2:45 AM Reply

    Okay I FINALLY got to have Enjoy By (4/1/2013). I'm in Santa Rosa, CA, and our Whole Foods tap room got a keg. New best DIPA, bar none, and I drink Pliny pretty much all the time. Those funky, fruity NZ hops are fucking amazing. You wouldn't know it was 9.4%, as it drinks borderline like an overly sweet pale ale. Grabbed a couple bombers before they sold out. What I wouldn't do to make something even remotely like this beer.

  23. Scott 03.03.2013 on 6:18 PM Reply

    You had it super fresh! To be honest, I think the two big issues cloning this beer will be A. Obviously getting that massive, massive hop aroma. B. keeping the hot alcohols down. That beer drinks so smooth. As you said, you'd never guess its 9.4%

  24. Shawn 03.04.2013 on 10:49 PM Reply

    I completely agree with you on the yeast conflict… I just can't see the Fuller's strain working for Stone's beers. Aside from the attenuation issue, I just find that the Fuller's strain has a very distinctive flavor profile that I have never tasted in ANY of Stone's beers.

    I've seen some sources say to use WLP002, some to use 007, and some (as indicated above) that say to use either/or. I brewed a Levitation clone a couple of years ago and used the 007 Wyeast equivalent (1098), and it was easily the closest-to-the-real-thing clone I've ever brewed.

  25. Harrison McCabe 03.11.2013 on 5:16 AM Reply

    Do you know the FG of Enjoy By?

    I was thinking about cloning it too…similar recipe 007 pitch 64 for 24 hours then 67-68, 50/50 US/UK 2-row. Same hop regimen except 10 min instead of 15.. and no motueka.. tastes like watered down sprite haha. I didn't think to check the FG though, I would guess there mashing like 148 or so though.

  26. Scott 03.11.2013 on 5:46 PM Reply

    I don't. I made a mental note to degas a sample, but I forgot and drank all the bottles I had. =(

    I'm guessing 1.010.

    Looks like we're pretty much on the same page. I'm going to do a 58/42 split of English/American pale malt. That puts me at around 5.8L, which on my system, should be about right. I'm brewing a stout next weekend, and then this beer is next. I've got a vial of 007 in the fridge ready to go =)

  27. kendrick 03.14.2013 on 3:00 AM Reply

    Finally found a bottle of 04/01/2013 here in Fort Worth, and oh my… it definitely met me lofty expectations. It's been a few years since I've had Pliny but I'd definitely put it in that echelon. Very, very anxious to see how your brew day of this recipe goes, Scott! This blog has given me tons of homebrewing inspiration—keep up the good work.

  28. Scott 03.14.2013 on 4:48 AM Reply

    Thanks, I really appreciate it! And ya, for me, 'Enjoy By' lived up to the hype and then some. I figured it would be good, but it's one of the top 5 IPAs I've ever had — probably top 3. Soak it in brother, you'll be jones-ing for it once it's gone (ask me how I know).

    My clone is on-deck. I'm brewing a Stout this weekend, and then probably Enjoy By around the 30th.

  29. Crimson Regret 03.17.2013 on 4:13 PM Reply

    I just had enjoy by 04.01.12 and was totally blown away , went beck to the store and bought them out (only 5 bottles) anywho I need to make this as well and I came across this recipe : I will also post the link I found it at. I also heard that stone makes this beer year round but it gets shipped to differnt parts of the country durning differnt times of the year…Im in Maine.

    Size: 12.0 gal
    Efficiency: 80%
    Attenuation: 88.0%
    Calories: 265.55 kcal per 12.0 fl oz

    Original Gravity: 1.081 (1.075 – 1.090)
    Terminal Gravity: 1.010 (1.010 – 1.020)
    Color: 8.17 (8.0 – 15.0)
    Alcohol: 9.4% (7.5% – 10.0%)
    Bitterness: 73.4 (60.0 – 120.0)

    25.3 lb 2-Row Brewers Malt
    3.0 lb White Table Sugar (Sucrose)
    3.0 lb Munich 10L Malt
    1.5 lb Crystal 15
    2.0 oz Calypso (15.1%) – added during mash
    1.6 oz Magnum (12.8%) – added during boil, boiled 90.0 m
    2.0 oz Simcoe® (12.2%) – added during boil, boiled 10.0 m
    2.0 oz Amarillo® (8.5%) – added during boil, boiled 10.0 m
    2.0 oz Delta (4.5%) – added during boil, boiled 10.0 m
    2.0 oz Target (8.0%) – added during boil, boiled 10.0 m
    3.0 oz Motueka (7.0%) – added during boil, boiled 0.0 m
    3.0 oz Citra™ (13.6%) – added during boil, boiled 0.0 m
    3.0 oz Cascade (7.0%) – added during boil, boiled 0.0 m
    3.0 oz Nelson Sauvin (10.9%) – added dry to primary fermenter
    3.0 oz Galaxy (13.6%) – added dry to primary fermenter
    3.0 oz Nelson Sauvin (10.9%) – added dry to secondary fermenter
    3.0 oz Galaxy (13.6%) – added dry to secondary fermenter
    4.0 ea White Labs WLP001 California Ale

  30. Scott 03.17.2013 on 6:16 PM Reply

    He's off on the grain bill, but close otherwise

  31. Crimson Regret 03.17.2013 on 7:42 PM Reply

    Scott …what yeast ate you going to use?

  32. Crimson Regret 03.17.2013 on 7:52 PM Reply

    Sorry what yeast ARE going to use

  33. Crimson Regret 03.17.2013 on 7:53 PM Reply

    Sorry what yeast ARE you going to use ( must have been my auto correct)

  34. Scott 03.17.2013 on 8:16 PM Reply

    Haha, I figured it out. WLP007. On a beer like this, I think any slight yeast differences will go unnoticed

  35. brian_holter 03.19.2013 on 2:12 AM Reply

    Thats my recipe. The grain bill is kind of a house grain bill for IIPA's because up until people started to get feedback from Mitch I had no info to go off of for grains. I will tell you this though, it was pretty close. The hops were a little too much for me in this beer. My best guess is that its because I used WLP001, but if i had to do it again i would dial back the delta and target hops because there was something in the flavor that i didnt dig as much. Aroma was fantastic though. I did a side by side against the 12.21.12 version and besides the brighter/rougher hop presence in mine they were close.

    Side note Scott, your buddy Kiernan is one of my friends from growing up in NorCal. Small world.

  36. Scott 03.19.2013 on 2:31 AM Reply

    Kiernan mentioned that. Smallllll world. I think you're right about 001, switching to an English yeast would have likely toned it down. I'm making some substitutions because I'm lazy, but I can't see them making a big difference. I'm brewing this either this weekend or next, and I'm using 007.

    Btw, can you believe Kiernan's about to be a father?

  37. Crimson Regret 03.19.2013 on 4:06 PM Reply

    Scott, I am a new brewer and wanted to know are you going to use 10ml Hop Extract? I looked for some online and all I could find was 1 ml for $2 ….any suggestion where to get 10ml for a better price? I think this brew is going to cost me some $$$$$ LOL

  38. Scott 03.19.2013 on 4:32 PM Reply

    The hop extract isn't critical for this beer. I'm using it because I have it. You can replace 10ml hop extract with 20AAU of bittering hops. AAU = AA% of the hop * weight of the hop in ounces. 2oz of a 10% AA hop = 20 AAU or 1.333oz of a 15% AA hop = 20AAU. Hopefully that makes sense.

    Use a hop like Apollo, Warrior, Columbus, Bravo, or Super Galena for the bittering addition. I doubt you'll be able to tell the difference.

  39. Crimson Regret 03.19.2013 on 7:47 PM Reply

    Yes it did sense … Thank you

  40. Harrison McCabe 03.25.2013 on 11:30 PM Reply


    Brewing this on sunday, let you know how it turns out.

    6 Gallons
    Target OG: 1.081
    Target FG: 1.010
    ABV: 9.4%
    IBU: 90

    50% US 2-row
    50% UK 2-row
    Mash at 146 90min

    2oz Calypso or Centennial Mash 90 Min
    90 min – Warrior(16%) 1.25oz
    10 min – 1oz each Amarillo, Simcoe, Target. (skipping Delta addition)
    0 min – 1oz cascade,centennial, citra

    Dry Hops
    1.5 each Galaxy/Nelson Sauvin 4 days
    1.5 each Galaxy/Nelson Sauvin 4 days

    WLP007 – 430 Billion Cells – 2.5L starter w/ stir plate – Pitch rate 20
    Fermentation: pitch at 64 hold 24 hours, let rise to 66-67.

  41. Scott 03.27.2013 on 12:53 AM Reply

    Nice! Looks like we're brewing pretty much the same recipe. I'm going to brew mine probably Thursday or Friday. I need to stop being lazy and get a starter going.

  42. Crimson Regret 04.04.2013 on 11:23 PM Reply

    Scott and Harrison please please let me know how this turns out…. all of the enjoyed bys here in Maine are gone …so I guess I'll have to do my own… Are you guys going to drink yours within 35 days of bottling Like stones???? LOL

  43. Harrison McCabe 04.06.2013 on 3:04 PM Reply

    Brew day went as planned, upped IBU to 125 calculated. 1.081 OG day 5 is at 1.025. I expected it to be a little further along but I've never used this sort of fermentation regimen with 007. The sample tasted nice clean with no alcohol character (7.4%ABV). There is still a fair amount of activity despite krausen dropping, i can see c02 streaming up and the yeast hasn't dropped which for 007 is a good sign because when its done you know it. In retrospect I might have only held it at 63 for 12 hours instead of 24 and then let it go up to 67-68 but we will see. I'll check it again day 8 or 9, at the rate its fermenting it should be done by then.

  44. Scott 04.07.2013 on 3:18 AM Reply

    007 is odd, it keeps working for a few days after the krausen drops. Keep it warm at this point though. 68+. Rouse the yeast if you can as well. I'm on day 6 and sitting at 1.012. Hopefully mine has a couple points left it in.

  45. Harrison McCabe 04.07.2013 on 3:57 PM Reply

    Yeah after i checked it I did rouse it and turn off temp control, its up to 70 so I know there is activity if temp is rising. If I don't hit 1.010 the recipe change I would make would be to sub out some of the base malt for dextrose equal to the difference between my gravity and 1.010. I'm pretty excited about this beer though, it smells amazing.

  46. Harrison McCabe 04.10.2013 on 3:29 PM Reply

    Well bad news 1.020 is where it stopped at despite raising to 71 or so and rousing for a couple days. I'm going to make a mini starter to wake up some new yeast and pitch it. I definitely will try brewing this again with a few adjustments. Going to drop 1lb each from the base malts and add 1lb dextrose, pitch at 66 and hold 66-68.

  47. Scott 04.15.2013 on 12:42 AM Reply

    Yikes, that's a bummer. Hopefully the fresh yeast get to work. I finished at 1.012

  48. Paul Blatz 04.19.2013 on 1:52 PM Reply

    Scott – was at Stone on Tuesday – was absolutely in love with this beer. Started talking with the tour guide who was also an avid homebrewer – he said the grist was 'real easy' and they use some maris otter – I asked if 1/3 MO and 2/3 2 row would work and he winked and said, yeah that's just about perfect.

    Just thought I would pass that along.

  49. Crimson Regret 05.29.2013 on 12:09 AM Reply

    How do the brew come out ??? I've been wondering …


  50. stok 05.30.2013 on 3:54 PM Reply

    I would love to see what type of equipment setup you have for brewing…did not see any pictures posted on here…

  51. Scott 06.11.2013 on 2:31 AM Reply
  52. Scott 06.11.2013 on 2:32 AM Reply
  53. John Smith 06.29.2013 on 10:27 PM Reply

    I emailed Stone last winter and asked them if they had any bottle conditioned beers from which I could harvest their house strain. A brewmaster, not Mitch Steele, emailed me back and said that they had just finished a fresh batch of Stone Double Bastard 2012. They told me that I could harvest their house strain from that. When I went to BevMo and a few other places and looked at Stone Double Bastard, I did not notice any yeast sediment in the bottle at all.

    Then a couple of weeks later I was at a liquor store that had Double Bastard in their fridge and I decided to grab a bottle for aging. Double Bastard is one of the beers that age well. When I looked at the bottom of the bottle sure enough there was a bunch of yeast in there. I speculate that the previous bottles I had seen just didn't have enough time for the yeast to settle as it was a very fresh batch and that is why I did not notice any yeast. Also this beer was in a fridge possibly for a month or so at that point so that helped the yeast flocculate.

    Long story short go with Double Bastard or any of the beers that Stone has designed specifically for aging. Beers don't age well if they aren't bottle conditioned, so I imagined their beers made for aging will all be bottle conditioned.

  54. Scott 07.04.2013 on 9:03 PM Reply

    That's a really good idea. I actually just had their Espresso IRS last night, and it said it was bottle conditioned on the bottle. There was a little bit of yeast at the bottom.

    It's too bad they don't bottle condition any lower gravity beers, as the yeast would be pretty stressed at 11+% ABV. It's also too bad I don't have any experience slanting yeast, as I could isolate a healthy culture of it.

  55. Jiwan Neupane 08.12.2013 on 2:57 AM Reply

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  56. Tahsin khan 09.04.2013 on 7:08 PM Reply

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  57. Unknown 01.05.2016 on 7:38 PM Reply

    stone uses a proprietary yeast simple as that we can get close but not exact

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