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Beer Cake, T-Shirts, and a wedding brunch at stone


Alright, one more non-beer related post before we get back to the regularly scheduled programming. I know it’s been a month since our Wedding weekend, but there were a few more cool things worth sharing from it.


First, one of the cool surprises from the wedding was that Kristen had a beer cake made. I’ll be honest, I had never heard of a ‘Groom’s Cake’ before, so this was a total surprise to me. It turned out really nice, and was still really fresh when we had a couple slices a few days later.

Sunday was a lot of fun. We had to be out of the hotel by noon, so Kristen’s dad rented a 15 passenger van that we took down to Stone. We couldn’t think a better way to relax after the big day than kicking back at their brewery. It was really nice to catch up with everyone while enjoying the beautiful weather.


For anyone that hasn’t been to Stone in Escondido, their property is pretty awesome. The ‘Gardens’ consist of grass, trees, lots of rock features with waterfalls, and koi ponds. It’s a great place to kick back in the shade with a beer. The food is pretty amazing too (can anyone say chilaquiles eggs benedict?) It was the first trip to Stone for a few of our friends, so we went on the tour with them. Our tour guide was really nice, and their tour was as informative as ever. Stone’s expanding quite a bit, so it was cool to see what was changed.


Afterwards, we hit up the gift shop, and ran into a couple people that were fans of the blog! What are the odds?!?! Anyway, we bought a couple fresh bottles of Enjoy By, and drove back up the coast.
Oddly enough, Stone didn’t have the most recent Enjoy By on tap at the brewery. The funny part is, later Sunday night we went out for dinner at one of our favorite mexican places (La Sirena), and what’s on tap? Enjoy By. Despite being a little ‘beered-out’ I had a pint of it. When in Rome… Anyway, that’s about it for now. I have a bunch of beers in the pipeline, a few ‘how-to’ posts about half written, so there is lots of stuff on the way. Cheers!

9 thoughts on “Beer Cake, T-Shirts, and a wedding brunch at stone”
  1. Zach Chillman 10.28.2013 on 6:58 PM Reply

    I've never heard of a groom's cake, not quite sure how I would respond to it if my soon-to-be wife presented me with one, but damn that is an awesome looking cake. Cheers to you and your wife.

  2. Scott 10.29.2013 on 4:39 AM Reply

    Ya, it was definitely new to me. Pretty cool though, and thanks!

  3. Lorraine Jacobs 10.29.2013 on 7:35 AM Reply

    Wow! That cake is uniquely designed and this is actually my first time as well to hear of a groom's cake. It is kind of awkward at first but, then I came to realize that if the bride can have a cake then why a groom can’t have one. Well, it’ll just all matter on the design of the cake. The Beer cake looks pretty awesome. –

  4. Nathan 10.29.2013 on 2:06 PM Reply

    Cheers to you on your marriage. Really dig reading about your beer adventures.

  5. Jeff Tolonen 10.29.2013 on 4:09 PM Reply

    Nice touch Kristen! May have to turn in my man card for this, but Steel Magnolia's introduced me to the grooms cake. Red Velvet armadillo cake. But this one is even cooler.

  6. Scott 10.29.2013 on 7:15 PM Reply

    Haha, thanks Jeff. I think we can let the Steel Magnolia's thing slide =)

  7. Adam Kielich 12.02.2013 on 9:45 PM Reply

    Congrats on your marriage! I had also never heard of a groom's cake prior to my wedding. I sold my wife on the idea of a 3D godzilla cake. The cake decorator made some buildings and an icing godzilla on top of the cake. The whole thing was about eighteen inches tall. My initial idea was to have a 3D godzilla cake where the godzilla was the cake itself and the godzilla cake was climbing up the regular cake. She wasn't into that idea. I was still happy with what I got.

  8. Katie 03.23.2016 on 9:19 PM Reply

    Awesome cake!

    • scottland 03.23.2016 on 9:20 PM Reply


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