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Welcome To The New

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I’m proud to welcome everyone to the new That’s right, we’ve got a brand new home! I’ve wanted to make the move to WordPress for awhile, and after four and a half awesome years, it’s time.


So after many, many long hours of tweaking templates, messing with CSS, fixing content that didn’t migrate properly, cleaning up permalinks, tweaking javascript for the Temp Monitor, lots of beer, and finally some DNS changes, here we are! I hope everyone enjoys the new site. Poke around and let me know what you think!



8 thoughts on “Welcome To The New”
  1. Dick 03.19.2016 on 10:40 PM Reply

    Looks great – keep up the good work.

  2. David 03.21.2016 on 7:23 AM Reply

    Do you have a search function still? I used that few times on your site to peruse specific references to, say, clarifying beer, etc.

    • Scott 03.21.2016 on 8:27 AM Reply

      Actually, I don’t think I added one to the new site. I’ll get to work on it.


      • David 03.21.2016 on 12:09 PM Reply

        Thanks! Appreciate the wealth of information here and the time it takes to make it available.

  3. Brett 03.29.2016 on 11:30 AM Reply

    How much of a pain was it? I have been delaying the switch cause I’m lazy 🙂 Who did you go with for hosting?

    • Brett 03.29.2016 on 11:33 AM Reply

      Oh also, my rss feed for you was messed up due to this change and I didn’t see your updates in my daily searches for my other project ( so make sure if you checked “discourage search engines” during development that you re-enable that feature 🙂

    • Scott 03.29.2016 on 11:40 AM Reply

      I won’t lie, I put a LOT of hours into it. Most of which were related to tweaking the new WordPress theme to do what I wanted. If you know a little bit about web hosting and DNS, it definitely makes things easier.

      I went with Bluehost for hosting. Everything with them has been good so far. Drop me an email if you’re seriously considering the switch, there’s a few tips I can give that will make your life a bit easier.

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