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Wedding Batch #2: California Love


Here we are with wedding batch number two. This beer is practically identical to the California Common I brewed a couple months ago. I wanted something malty, flavorful, while still being very drinkable. Not too sweet, not too bitter, and not too blah. This Common struck all the right chords.

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Wedding Beers and the Big Day


Well, the big day has finally come and gone, and we’re officially married. It’s sort of funny how months and months of hard work culminate into one night that goes by in what seems like a flash. Nevertheless, we had an absolutely amazing weekend that we’ll never forget. Vows were said, beers were drank, and laughs were had. Seeing as this is a homebrewing blog, we should probably talk about the beer. I won’t get into too many details about each recipe, as each will have a dedicated post, but let’s cover some of the fun of brewing for a wedding.

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Wedding Batch #1: Hoppily Ever After


It’s finally time to get cracking with the batches of beer for my wedding. For the first beer, I wanted something light and approachable, but still something very flavorful. I flipped through my brewing notebook, looking at past batches, hoping something with strike a chord.  Sure enough, a batch from last spring was exactly what I was looking for, my Hoppy Summer Wheat.

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The ever-expanding craft beer bubble

As of May 2013, there are 2,514 breweries in the US with an additional 1,559 currently in planning, and I personally don’t believe the market can sustain them all.


Now before the nasty-grams start coming in, let me explain myself. The craft beer market is clearly expanding fast. Craft sales have increased 15.4% in volume YTD, so the US beer consumer is definitely drinking much more craft beer. This isn’t the issue in my opinion, as I think craft beer will continue to steal market share from the big boys. So what is the issue? Well, there’s a few.

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Enjoy By Revisited (Enjoy By 09.14.13)


My Fiance and I’s wedding is right around the corner, so it’s definitely time to finish planning the beers for reception. As I mentioned a couple of months ago, I decided that my Enjoy By clone would be the IPA I would make. It’s just so damn delicious once it hits your lips. Why brew it again since I just brewed a super successful clone of this beer a few months ago? Well, I’d like to brew it with WLP090, and I just wanted to be double sure it wouldn’t have any unintended consequences. (Plus, why not have 5 more delicious gallons of this beer on tap?)

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Pliny The Elder Clone 3.0


Here we go again. Another attempt at nailing Pliny the Elder. It’s been a few months since I’ve had a nice big IPA on tap, and I’ve been itching to brew this one since February. It’s time. On top of that, my friend Kiernan has been splitting 10 ten gallon batches with me lately, and PTE is one of his favorite beers.

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California Love (Cali Common)


I’ve been itching to make another California Common for a long time now, as it’s a beer style I really love. It has all the malty character of a good amber ale, but with less hop character and a crisper smoother finish. I figured this would be a nice easy beer to end a brewing hiatus with, as it should be fairly point-and-shoot. This was also the first batch where my friend Kiernan actually started brewing with me. We split a 10 gallon batch, and he’s starting to learn the process.

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Getting back on the horse


I’m back after a short brewing hiatus. After getting 4 batches ready in 2 weeks for an event at my gym, and my birthday party, I was ready to take a few weeks off from brewing. Although, between planning our wedding, looking for a new job, and starting a new job, a few weeks turned into a couple months.

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Honey Red ‘Blonde’ (aka, the Emma Stone Ale)


We’ll it’s been a little while since my last post; sometimes life just gets in the way a little. Nothing serious, but planning a wedding and transitioning between jobs takes it’s fair share of time. Anyway, this is the last of the three beers I served at my at my sister’s graduation party.

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Blind Pig Clone 2.0


As I mentioned in my Micro Pale Ale post, we’ve got a big party coming up very soon, and I need to get some beers cranked out fast. All my friends will definitely expect a good IPA on tap, but I need something I can turn out in three weeks flat. After flipping through some past recipes, I realized the Blind Pig clone I brewed awhile back would be a good fit. It’s a little lower in alcohol than the typical IPA, and the bright crisp hop notes taste good even when the beer is young.

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